Jr. Davis Construction Company, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free Workplace.

Employee Benefits at Jr. Davis Construction Company – A Work Family

Jr. Davis Construction Company (JDC) is a family, an extension of the Davis Family themselves.  As such, they care deeply about their work family. This being the case, they work to bring the most the relevant and impactful benefits protection money can buy to their extended family members.

Junior Davis has developed a highly responsive benefits plan that will provide you and your family with real, time sensitive, personal solutions that help you navigate your own health when you need it most while keeping your costs affordable.  JDC uses smart phone based apps, along with direct physician calls to help you and your loved ones navigate the highly complex healthcare system when you need it most. We simplify this expensive and complex issue all while reducing your costs.

In addition, Junior Davis has gone above and beyond to provide you with an on-site navigator of care in Dr. Ben Rall. His dedication and commitment to the JDC family’s health is unparalleled in the construction industry and his ability to help people remain healthier is the cornerstone of the JDC benefits plan.  

Our comprehensive benefits plan includes all of the following coverages and many more:

Medical Insurance – Continental/Aetna Network

JDC offers comprehensive medical and prescription drug insurance through Continental Benefits using the Aetna Network. JDC pays a significant portion of the premium for your coverage and you pay a portion of the premium through pre-tax payroll deduction options. You may choose from two different coverages.

Dental Insurance - Guardian

JDC offers dental insurance through Guardian with two coverage options, the NAP Plan and the Value Plan. The NAP Plan is designed if you want to see a dentist who is out of network and the Value Plan is designed to suit an employee that wants to see a dentist that is in network.

Vision Insurance - Guardian

JDC offers vision insurance through Guardian on the Davis Vision network with one coverage option

Voluntary Term Life Insurance and AD&D - Guardian

You may purchase voluntary term life insurance coverage on yourself, your spouse, or your dependent children from Guardian Insurance. For a list of premiums, contact the Human Resources Department.

Supplemental Insurance  – Colonial Life

You may choose to buy the following supplemental medical insurances from Colonial Life:

• Accident insurance – Supplements your medical coverage by providing cash benefits to you in cases of accidental injuries.

• Disability Insurance – Provides you with a paycheck when you become disabled, also known as paycheck protection.

For a list of premiums, contact the Human Resources Department.